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What is Frutto? | Why Frutto is here?

What is Frutto?

Frutto is a home run small scale business based out of South Dinajpur. Founded by an Ex-Army Veteran, Frutto is the sole cultivator of Dragonfruit in West Bengal. The motivation of this foundation is a social welfare cause, aiming to spread awareness of the many health benefits of Dragonfruit along with developing a market for the fruit. Our vision is to engage with prospective fruit enthusiasts giving dragon fruit the right market for its value.

Why Frutto is here?

Founder Abdul Monim Miah is a fond researcher of the dragon fruit. His knowledge revolves around domains such as the origin of the fruit, cultivation requirements, health benefits, history and other uses of dragon fruit. Frutto aims at growing the current cultivation span of the fruit to reach out to as many sections of the society possible. Our mission focuses on reaching out to the general masses with the various benefits of dragon fruit.

How to Buy Products form Frutto?

For that first of all, you have to call on this number (+917001481741) then after the call pickup by someone you have to say which product you want or if you need any kind of help then you can say!

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